K-Train Entertainment is a record label and music management company based out of Montreal, Quebec which oversees the musical career of Canadian independent success story Ketsia.


Founded by Ketsia and her business partner, K-Train has in a short period of time accomplished several notable industry feats, which puts this independent on par with many majors.


Major accomplishments:


 - In July 2016, K-Train Entertainment and Ketsia launched K-Train Music Studios, a Vancouver Island-based recording studio offering full music production services, including mixing, mastering, tracking & much more. Please visit for further details!


- Through a distribution agreement with Indie Pool, K-Train has successfully pushed Ketsia’s singles “Quand je t’ai rencontré”, “Let It Go”, “Possible”,  "Just Let Me Go" and "Running on Empty" to radio stations nation-wide.


- Impressive sales of these five singles have consistently charted them on the nation’s top 10 download list and both the English and French national iTunes charts.


- “Possible” cracked the Billboard Canadian HOT 100 and landed Ketsia on the Billboard “Emerging Artists” chart.


- “Just Let Me Go,” debuted at #83 on Billboard's "Hot 100" chart and #4 on Billboard's "Emerging Canadian Artists" chart (February 2011). “Just Let Me Go” has since climbed up 34 spots to #49 on Billboard's "Hot 100" chart (March 2011).


- “Running on Empty” peaked at #45 on Billboard Magazine's "Hot 100" chart; #4 on Billboard Magazine's "Emerging Canadian Artists" chart; and #18 on Billboard Magazine's "Hot Digital Songs" chart (June 2011).


- “Quand je t’ai rencontré” took #1 spot on the iTunes Franco/Dance charts and is racing towards national “Gold” download status.


- Ketsia has been featured in Billboard Magazine and ME Magazine.


- Ketsia’s debut bilingual full-length “Une reine est née” is selling in record stores across the country.


- Ketsia’s music video “Let It Go (Remix)” has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube.


- Ketsia has made a big impact online, with over 20,000 fans on Facebook, and thousands more on MySpace, Twitter, iLike, and ReverbNation.


- K-Train has been ranked #17 on Billboard Magazine’s "TOP CANADIAN LABELS" of 2011.


K-Train Entertainment is proof that a combination of talent and perseverance can allow independent labels to succeed in a challenging music industry. Look for K-Train and Ketsia throughout this year online, in stores and live on stage.